Thursday, June 21, 2007

No One Would Confuse Them, But....

Doesn't this look like Doug Green?

It's Spurgeon, but the first thing I thought of when I saw it was, "Wow, that could be Doug if he put on some weight!"

(No offense intended Dr. Green, if you happen across this...)

Friday, June 08, 2007


6-6-07 Flower tour of Hackettstown with a picnic hiatus

We decided to walk into town yesterday to get some sandwiches for lunch and find a stretch of grass to eat them on. I took the camera for the trip since it was a nice day and found it impossible not to take note of some of the nice flowers in our neighborhood. It's strange because I'm not really a green thumb type, but I do enjoy looking.

this one is right outside our door. It's the detail that gets me. What a tremendous artist God is. You can't see it at this resolution, but in the high res original you can see several bugs hiding under the buds.

don't know what they are, but they're nice.

neighboring lavender

I bet my grandma would like this one. A nice bloom.

My wife knows what its called. She told me but I forgot already.

The town's cheery but somewhat sad attempt to beautify the streets.

A huge spider web I thought was cool

same flower as the ones above, but a different color. More below too.

A rose by any other name...

or color..


it was the sheer brightness that drew me to this one

this is just cool.. bunch of bells. No idea what its called.

stop looking at the flowers dadda, we're hungry and there's too much sun!

This is my idea of a picnic, you guys eat the food and I eat everything else!

like this sock right here...


I'll show you who's the Lion!

grrrr.. yum

'Sup man?


Hey dadda, can I eat your shoe? I ran out of other stuff to lick and chew on...

Hey! Why not?... it's not like their even nice shoes...

I wanna eat 'em!


hehe, just jokin'.. nice shoes dadda

again more varieties of that pretty bloom whose name I've lost.

This last random shot is the dome of the college near our house.

I guess I broke my new rule already on this batch...


Off to Donaldson's Farm for some fresh produce!

Wow Dadda, this place has lots of yummy food!

we tried to visit the goats

they weren't into it...

mmm can't wait till i'm big enough to eat some of that corn on the cobb!


I was trying to get some low light pics without a flash... the new camera was being uncooperative... I'm still figuring things out.

This would have been so great with just a little more light...

5-31-07 Trying to keep nudity to a minimum

that is the biggest and brightest umbrella ever...

wow... praise God.

Daddy, Momma said no naked photos!