Friday, July 13, 2007

WOAH, I made it onto "Clicked"??

Somehow, I know not how, my post on the retro "walk it out" video made it onto the MSNBC 'Clicked' Page, which does a daily gathering of what's being talked about on the web. Fun stuff...

Click the pic for the full page. The above quote is about 2/3 down the page.

Got me over 100 new visitors to my page, all of whom ran away after seeing how incessantly single-minded my blog has become. Not everyone can handle so much BABY!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

07-04-07 Abby Loves Dogs

We went to a July 4th Party and the hosts had this little white dog that Abby just wanted to love and squeeze and squish and call him george.
She goes nuts, though this is not the best view of it... imagine this exponentially more excited.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

This is funny

Taking a momentary hiatus from posting baby photos and video to bring you this wonderful piece of brilliance. Ok... It's not brilliant, but it is funny.

Walk it out, silly! This is apparently the new 'fun' internet thing to do. Find old videos and sync them up to new songs. Search You Tube for "Smack My hippie", always a treat.

Now back to the serious business of baby stuff...

07-09-07 First Time in a Big Pool

First she had to gather all her strength from mommy to make the initial splash.

Then she was ALL ABOUT IT. A natural. She may doggy paddle before she walks.

She had a blast riding around on this floaty and another, and playing with some pool playmates.

A little Popeye face for the occasion...

and some other face too :-)

Dad, this pool thing is seriously fun

One of her friends went underwater, and she was looking for her.

It really was a fun time with great friends.

07-07-07 A Lucky MESS

Abby has now entered into the magical world of cookies.
These cookies are very tasty, and the perfect size, but they are an absolute mess, as you will see.

trust me.. that's still just a cookie on her bib, I promise.

despite her face, its still justa cookie...

a cookie!

seriously, it's a cookie.

still just a cookie, in spite of all contrary evidence.

and that is a COOKIE eating grin. :-)

07-04-07 Happy Fourth!

I wouldn't exactly call us an all American, red white and blue family... but that doesn;t mean we can;t dress up the baby in stars and stripes (and hearts?)

oops, forgot to remove the red eye...

Did you slip my baby a drink while I wasn't looking??

She has a newfound fondness...

for my keys

07-03-07 All American Baby Eats All American Steel

We just got this gate for our now mobile baby. We also got this hat for her to wear on the 4th of July. She got into the spirit right away.

07-03-07 Blue Jean Baby

Her first pair of jeans. I think this was before we started putting brets in her hair so people would know she was not a little boy :-)

oi, so big...

she loves to jump, which she is doing here.... trust me.

She is also fully moble now... crawling away. I have it on video and perhaps will post it someday.

For now, here is a pic of the crawling creature... Look out world! Abby is on the move!