Thursday, February 28, 2008

Candied Baby

I had a unique opportunity, through a friend at church who works for M+M's, to participate in product testing and experimentation. And let me say, when you get the chance to do product testing for M+M, you accept!

Enough from me, the photos will explain it all...

They look like fairly unassuming M+M's ...

But as you get closer...

You notice something funny...


Cute baby faces?!?!

Cute Abby faces!?!

Abby on M+M's... what will they think of next?

This is the original photo I sent in for the project.
Not too bad a likeness.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dejavu ... All Over Again

Last year, almost to the day, my theology examination for licensure on the floor of Presbytery was continued to the following meeting in April.

Today, my theology examination before the committee (one step before the floor) was continued to the next meeting in April.

I was not properly prepared for this exam. I did not understand what was expected of me and so I simply studied the wrong way. Fault noted, problem corrected. See you in April, Lord willing.

It goes without saying then that the tentative Ordination ceremony of March 16th is now the tentative Ordination ceremony of sometime in May... maybe.

On a positive note, the committee was quick to commend my orthodoxy... which means I'm not a heretic. *phew*

Ordination Trials - you have earned your moniker.

Monday, February 18, 2008

ER Exposes Liberalism and Post Modernism

Of all places to find such a screaming example of the reality of liberal Christianity, I did not expect it to be on this particular TV show. I wept when I watched this clip because this is what the majority of professing Christians are 'fed' with on a week to week basis. I just hope the audience saw themselves as the man in the hospital bed...

HT: Kingdom People