Friday, December 29, 2006

A New View of Abby

Tired of all the photos?

Well, lets liven things up a bit with some video of the baby we took this afternoon.

it seems that the video capture on my computer leaves things a bit darker than i record them, so adjust the brightness on your monitor accordingly...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Non-Baby Randomness

Not that any of us are sick of baby pictures... how could anyone be tired of that cute little face?

But I figured I ought to post something else fun, just for kicks.
I've chosen a couple of videos I 'stumbled' upon for your viewing pleasure...

First - this video will be weekly fair for my daughter I think when she gets older. What way to learn (nearly?) every nation in the whole world!

This is a guy who creates some pretty rad 80's art with spray paint. Sound lame? I thought so too until I watched it happen...

Now this last video is actually a music video... and it's not just any music video, it's a rap music video by none other than DMX... now the funny thing is, that when I began watching this, my first thought was, "who is this lame Christian Rapper trying to be DMX?" But then I realized that it was DMX himself... which sparked all sorts of conflicting mental debris to float about my brain. I think I'll let you watch and come to your own conclusion... however the very end kind of cleared things up for me...

Anyway... back to taking pictures of my Baby!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

And still MORE BABY

The three above pictures were taken in complete darkness and level adjusted... hence the pixelation...

Daddy's little girl for sure!

Christmas torture with the funny snowman hat!

What a cute belly button! (taken just after her umbilical cord fell off)

ugh! how CUTE!!

sleeping beauties...

her thumb is peepin'

Dad and his two loves... the baby and the new laptop...

we all know which he loves more!

More Baby!

For love of the Boppy

We got this great pillow, called a boppy, for taking care of the baby. It's great for feeding her, and propping her up on, and sitting her in here and there. But while she has not been using it, it has been my own little "snore-stopper".

Amazingly, it does keep me from snoring, but unfortunately, when I m using it to sleep on, it cannot be used for the baby... quite a quandary we found ourselves in... but ahh, no more! For now Gregger has his very own boppy to keep the snores at bay, and allow for the baby to have full use of her own.. so nice of mommy!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Abby Faces

Just a few of the myriad of looks we get from this doll.

One of my personal faves above...

Where in the world is all this red hair coming from??

She's five weeks old today... and getting BIG!
already over 10.5 lbs.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006