Friday, November 23, 2007

Abby's First Birthday Party

We did an Elmo theme and invited lots of family and friends. It was hard work.. yikes, but it was fun. We can't be sure, but we think Abby had a good time too.

Natalie did all the decorating. She has quite a gift for that kind of stuff (among many other things as well).

Abby with a guest who preferred not to have her picture taken.

Abby with her Grammy.

Our friends kids all were also given laser vision for the event. It was fortuitous that the building did not burn down... (its hard to see in the picture, but in the original all four in the foregrounds eyes are glowing)

Abby's has already had too much excitement and escaped to the nursery for a play break.

But Aunt Carmen collected her and brought her back to the party.

My cute little bean.

Carmen and her littlest, Nicholas.

Uncle George and the Monkey

Little Amber

And her big sister Sandy, Abby's good friends.

Abby and Claire having a blast.

Two of my sisters, Sarah and Carmen.

Some earthling party interlopers.. all sorts of characters at this party.

My dad, always putting his best face forward :-)
The little one is my nephew Shaun.

It's time to sing and have cake!

She had absolutely no clue what was happening...

Dad, are you going to dip me into the cake? Can't I just eat it?

Gimme cake! gimme cake!


awww, how cute, It's so cute I can;t bring myself to eat it...

mmmm, on second thought............

how'd you do that mom? can I get a fork or something here?

ahh I see...

mm.. mmmm.. MMMMMMMMMM


In case you hadn't noticed, Elmo was the theme. However, it seems the baby has moved on to Blues Clues and other favorites. Though I imagine Elmo still has a special place in her heart since she has watched Elmo in Grouchland approximately 7,319 times.

Amber and her daddy.

My sister Sarah's Husband Luis and his Father-in-Law, my dad. Oh to be a spanish fly on that wall... meh, they are probably talking about cars or something..

A cute pic of Sarah and my Grandmother. I'm glad she got to come.

Three generations.. My mom, sister, and daughter!

Have some fun girls!

My nephew tries his preschool 'game' on Amber. She seems unimpressed...

He gets more persistent, she gets less interested... too funny. I can't imagine he'd have continued this if he weren't being egged on my the peanut gallery. This is the first time they met. Amber knows better. ;-)

We had Abby open one gift at the party, from her Grammy.

She was playing with it before she even got the paper off of one side.

She actually preferred the toy inside the box than out, for a little while anyway...

It was a fun day.