Friday, January 28, 2005

A conversation of "Epic" proportions

KyleGNewcomer: The roomies are watching Troy.
KyleGNewcomer: That was a one-timer for me.
Gentry WTS: yeah me too... just as "Alexander" will be when it comes out on video
KyleGNewcomer: did you see that one in the theater?
Gentry WTS: it was nominated for the crap movie awards... along with Catwoman
KyleGNewcomer: lol
Gentry WTS: never saw it
KyleGNewcomer: me neither.
Gentry WTS: Pitt and Farrell just don't have that epic appeal
Gentry WTS: it has something to do with their body of work and their 'pretty boy'ness
Gentry WTS: now Russell Crow and Mel Gibson.. they did it rather well
Gentry WTS: esp Gibson
KyleGNewcomer: I never thought about that, but you are right.
KyleGNewcomer: They don't have the commanding presence of those other guys.
Gentry WTS: right
Gentry WTS: when Pitt says "immortality, take it, it's yours!" - i want to laugh at him
Gentry WTS: but when Gibson gives his speech in braveheart, i want to go and kick some British arse
KyleGNewcomer: lol
Gentry WTS: that is actually a point at which LOTR waned a bit in the third film
Gentry WTS: Aragorn was great until he had to give a big speech to an army
KyleGNewcomer: hmm, I never thought about that.
Gentry WTS: he is great for up close conversations and is quite commanding as a leader of a small group - his voice is perfect for it
KyleGNewcomer: I think you're right though. He was good as the silent ranger, but not majestic enough to be a king.
Gentry WTS: exactly
Gentry WTS: His voice is too high pitched or something to accommodate the speech outside Mordor
Gentry WTS: The words are perfect, but he's just not convincing me
Gentry WTS: perhaps i'll have to blog on this later
KyleGNewcomer: you should definitely do so. It would piss off all the LOTR nerds.
KyleGNewcomer: They're one of my favorite groups to pick on.
Gentry WTS: heheh



Jonathan Foster said...

Aren't Mel and Russell pretty boys too? Or atleast they used to be. They're a little over the hill now.

Greg said...

hmm, I suppose that is true on some level, but never on the scale of Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell. And it is more true for Gibson than for Crow, though I don't know much of Crows work before Gladiator...
Of course the whole things could just be my own bias based on my exposure to all four guys... or maybe it really doesn't have to do with their pretty boyness.. maybe it's just not a good role for them...

Jonathan Foster said...

I don't think Colin is a pretty boy. Sure chicks dig him, but he's not really pretty. He has the image of a gruff Irishmam or whatever ethnicity he is.

Nathan said...

Methinks I need to say something in defense of my movie taste. Troy is far more interesting as an interpretation of the Iliad than entertaining as an epic film. I like it, but I can understand why someone wouldn't. I think the dialogue is a often lame, and the pacing lags quite a bit throughout. Basically, I agree with you, but it's the Iliad (sort of), so it's nonetheless entertaining to geeks like me. And I do agree that Pitt can't really carry an epic. I was quite disappointed when I first learned that he was going to play Achilles. As for Alexander, I'm not sure I even want to watch it once. I've heard Colin does the nasty with one of his male slaves on screen. I don't really care if that was likely the case with the real Alexander. There's not much I want to see less than one of the greatest military commanders in world history coming home from routing the Persian empire to hump his slave boy.

Anonymous said...

That Kyle guy sure is funny.