Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Because I have to... desert weather

Forgive the past highly unprolific month of non-posting.

I have to post something here, mostly because as a Seminary student, I can't have a post that remotely condones illegal drug use headlining my blog for 2 weeks, as it has...

But I also feel like I need to post something if for no other reason than to drive myself through this lack of creativity and lack of impetus to get my thoughts out of my head and onto 'paper'.
I don't know what it is.. maybe I am outgrowing the blog phase, or maybe I just don't feel I have anything meaningful to say... but I think it's really just that I have had so much output in recent weeks that I just don't feel like I have anything left to put out.

I am uninspired by politics, the things that are in the news are so over done by the mainstream media that even the important issues, like the Shiavo fiasco, are just leaving me cold. I have no interest in discussing them, which is wierd for me.

I am over-inspired by things at school. Meaning simply that I could probably fill pages and pages of this blog with things that I think are really great and cool, but most of it I have not come to fully understand myself, so my relating it here is immature at this point.

No one cares about the Mets but me, so posting on them is pointless.

I don't post about my marriage.

So hopefully there will be more to come...

But not right now. It's dry season.

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