Sunday, February 04, 2007

yay more pictures!

yeah! we love pictures!

but let's stop, ok?

no, really... quit it!

i will punch you in the nose!!!

me and my effalump

i spit my binki in your general direction!

come ON already.. no more pictures!

oi, this is so tedious...

back OFF!

hehe, j/k

gimme that camera!

sitting up and playing with some toys

and sliding over

and looking cute


blocks are fun!!

but i can't keep my balance yet!

what effalump? you're tired of the camera?

ok, lets get rid of these clowns...

enough, i'm out.

no, seriously.. don't press your luck...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

She is sooooo very cute!!! It also looks as though you are about to let her kiss the floor for a minute there, til I realize that it is your brown sofa that she is sitting on! Well, I am a little more sure of your parenting (& photography)skills now!! So, so, very cute!! I just want to squeeze her!, gently, lest my grammy skills be judged, hehe!