Sunday, March 18, 2007

QT with dada

Hey, that's my hair!

woo hoo!

Therre is a bebe, eatin' ma heeed.


tuckered out, and oh so pretty

*gasp* soooo pretty

I'm helpin' my dada with his sermons!

your hand is wayy bigger than mine...

woah! you're using a BLUE pen! That's a first.

Are you sure that's the turn of phrase you wanna use dad?

Whadda you think momma?

Daddy didn't take my suggestion...

cute baby in a cute sweater a friend from church made for her

it's gettin hot in here!

This one's for grammy, who doesn't get to see me in a dress very often.


oh baby, that face!

hello pretty flower

this thing gets more fun every time i get in it! Especially now that I can reach out and grab stuff.. that's new, and great fun!


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