Thursday, February 28, 2008

Candied Baby

I had a unique opportunity, through a friend at church who works for M+M's, to participate in product testing and experimentation. And let me say, when you get the chance to do product testing for M+M, you accept!

Enough from me, the photos will explain it all...

They look like fairly unassuming M+M's ...

But as you get closer...

You notice something funny...


Cute baby faces?!?!

Cute Abby faces!?!

Abby on M+M's... what will they think of next?

This is the original photo I sent in for the project.
Not too bad a likeness.


Joel said...

That is unreal. I wish we had a cute baby to put on M&Ms. Though it might be a bit creepy to be eating those, no?

Scott Pearce said...

That beats the desktop wallpaper we made of that picture. Ditto Joel's musing about eating the M&M's.