Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Abby and Friends Play the Piano

My parents got Abby this cute little piano for Christmas, but we have not been able to set it up until today, because out apartment is about the size of a postage stamp. :-)

But we finally got it out and wanted to share (mostly with my parents) that she is finally able to enjoy their very cool gift.

After getting it situated in the bedroom, Abby gave her first concert to a group of fine stuffed animals, whom she quickly employed to help her complete her concerto. I'd have gotten more, but my batteries died... my bad.

This comes on the heels of another very special gift...

My dad, who is extremely gifted, made Abby a little desk.
He called me when he began the project and told me he was getting Abby a dog.
I must admit that I took him seriously and was not entirely pleased since, a) we live on a postage stamp, and b) our postage stamp does not allow pets! :-)

I was relieved when I saw this:

As you can see... not a real dog. But a cute one! Abuelito loves his nieta.

She took to it right away.

And even tried to take off with it! But it's pretty stable front to back... it's side to side you have to worry about.

And just because she has a cool new desk does not mean we have to be any less watchful of her eating crayons... she's chomping on the blue one here... That's a crayon-eating-grin.

Thanks Lito and Grammy!!

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