Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Surpised by ... Hip Hop?

I have not listened to rap music in quite some time. I was seriously into in my last year or two of High School (think Special Ed, Heavy D, and just on the scene gansta rap NWA... wow). I got back to my Rock roots in college, but rap was not off the table, and I still listen to some of my favorite tracks every once in a while (protect ya neck - Wu-Tang - clean version of course), but hip hop has not been on my radar very much at all in the last few years. Even the Christian Rap I had heard in recent years, while decent in content has not really grabbed my attention musically.

Now, because of my exit from the rap music scene, I apparently have missed out on a few really good Christian Rap artists. I could not list them here, but here is something I came across through JT's Blog (where else?) that I really like.

Enjoy this track from Lecrae - I just bought the album on iTunes. (Thanks to the Siebolds!)

If you have given up on Rap for one reason or another, you might want to peek in again. The 1:16 Clique is probably the first place you should look, which includes Lecrae, Trip-Lee and others.
(Romans 1:16)

There is a short written interview and a longer video interview with Lecrae here.


Brenda said...

I before E.

I'm glad you wrote again. It's been a.. WHILE :-)

I thought you could only buy music on iTunes though.

Greg said...

hmm, not sure how to take that...

"I thought you could only buy MUSIC on itunes?"
As if it were not in that category?

tsk tsk... I bet we wouldn't necessarily enjoy how the Hebrews sang the Psalms either, but God still calls it music!

Anonymous said...

Hey Greg,

I work with Reach Records and saw your post. We wanted to be better about communicating to bloggers. If you want email me your mailing address and I'll keep you in the loop on big updates and send you new releases. Thanks for the support!

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