Tuesday, August 03, 2010

While you're at it...

If you happen to be over at The Gospel Coalition Blog check out this post.

D.A. Carson, one of if not my favorite contemporary preacher/theologians, has put together 14 messages to introduce Christianity and the Bible; who God is and what He says.  It is geared towards seekers, but is simultaneously robust and simple enough to engage and remind seasoned Christians.

In my opinion, Carson, better than just about anybody I have heard or read not named Spurgeon - is able to speak simply and yet profoundly - he gets to the meat of things without dumbing it down, and yet makes it easily understandable for anyone who might be listening.  He is very gifted.

If you know my senior pastor and have heard him preach, you will hear some similarities in style, I think it's the Canadian backgrounds.  If you have opportunity to watch Carson, the similarities multiply.  :-)

In any case, these messages are part of Carson's book, "The God Who is There"
If you like the messages, pass them on, or buy the book to give to your seeking friends.
I think the videos are forthcoming - not sure if they will be free online or just by purchasing DVD's - but there are previews available at the title link above, and you can check out the book by clicking below.

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