Thursday, December 28, 2006

Non-Baby Randomness

Not that any of us are sick of baby pictures... how could anyone be tired of that cute little face?

But I figured I ought to post something else fun, just for kicks.
I've chosen a couple of videos I 'stumbled' upon for your viewing pleasure...

First - this video will be weekly fair for my daughter I think when she gets older. What way to learn (nearly?) every nation in the whole world!

This is a guy who creates some pretty rad 80's art with spray paint. Sound lame? I thought so too until I watched it happen...

Now this last video is actually a music video... and it's not just any music video, it's a rap music video by none other than DMX... now the funny thing is, that when I began watching this, my first thought was, "who is this lame Christian Rapper trying to be DMX?" But then I realized that it was DMX himself... which sparked all sorts of conflicting mental debris to float about my brain. I think I'll let you watch and come to your own conclusion... however the very end kind of cleared things up for me...

Anyway... back to taking pictures of my Baby!!

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