Monday, May 01, 2006

Further Gentrification

Many of you already know, but since we actually got to see our baby today, I wanted.. nay I am impelled to tell the world!

We are having a baby!!!

Natalie is about 11 weeks along hopefully in the last stage of what has been a somewhat uncomfortable beginning. Alot of Nausea at first, and then it got worse, but now seems to be tapering off a bit and will, Lord willing, abate in the next couple weeks.

Today we got our first glimpse of our little one as it is being formed in the womb. It is absolutely amazing that even after these few weeks, all of its most intricate parts are already fully formed. I could see its little face and nose, the bone structure of the head, and it's legs kicking around in all sorts of jubilation and life, as well as its little heart beating smoothly and quickly.

It was an utter joy to behold. The world will never be the same again. The Lord is good and wonderous are His works!

If we get any pictures of the first ultra sound, I will post them here, as well as any future ones, and will keep the blogosphere up to date on the newest of the Gentry clan. We appreciate any and all prayers as well.

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Congrats...and do I smell another Smallville conversion?