Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's Official!


Yes, I know it's week six, but I have been so wrapped up in the end of a great season for the Mets that I haven't really paid all that much attention to the New York Giants. That will now change, at least a little.

Football season is very different than baseball. It's just not the intense daily battle, it's not as constant. Baseball is a very long 162 games, and the 16 game football season flies by almost instantly. On the other hand, with such a short season, each football game is that much more meaningful, and that is why football is so much more popular in our country (at least in my opinion). No other professional sport has as much meaning wrapped into a single game of regular season play. In baseball, you can lose ten games in a row, or maybe even more, and not have it significantly effect your overall season. But in football, a single game can completely change the complexion of your season. And forget losing streaks... more than two in a row and in most cases you may as well pack it in and set yourself up for next years draft... ok, ok, it's not quite that dramatic - but compared to baseball it may as well be.

And yet for all its excitement, I still don't like football nearly as much as I like baseball. But that won't stop me from enjoying the Giants season this year. Especially when they do things like they did tonight in Dallas. Monday Night Football, in Dallas, in front of a National audience, and the Giants made the 'Boys look kinda silly for the majority of the evening. Making a statement in the NFC East, taking first place, and showing that last year was not an aberration and that this team has finally come together after a pretty rough start. They clearly had the most difficult schedule in the NFL, and so far they have come out smelling like roses, even though alot of their first few games stunk like something else... But they are 3-0 in a very difficult NFC East and have gone 4-2 over a frightening opening 6. Unfortunately things don't get any easier looking ahead, but if you told me before game 1 that the Giants would be 4-2 after these first six games, I'd have signed up for that on the spot.

I was tempted to spend alot of time talking smack and rubbing this win in the faces of my many friends who are Dallas Cowboy fans -- But the Mets loss in the NLCS is too fresh, so I know the feeling. I'll just let the score speak for itself.

36-22 NYG

Hopefully the rest of the season goes at the same pace. a .750 winning percentage will do just fine towards a Super Bowl birth... but I'm getting ahead of myself... there is still a lot of football left to play... or is there?!?

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Luke said...

Giants definitely looked like the team to beat in the NFC East.
And the Cowboys SUCKED.
I think the Giants will have a tough time getting to the Super Bowl, that road will go thru CHicago, and even a tougher time winning it.