Thursday, October 12, 2006

Reflection on Death

I just happened upon this article by one of my favorites, Carl Trueman.  It expresses many of my own thoughts about death that I have never had the chance to write down.  Now it seems that would be rather redundant.  Thanks Carl.

To add something of my own thoughts to what Dr. Trueman has said, I find death to be one of the great apologetic tools in discussing spiritual things with those who deny God's existence, or hold to evolution.  The idea that death is so shocking, that it causes such disruption and chaos in the lives of all humanity is an argument against natural selection.  If death is as normal and expected as it seems, then why are we still so effected by it?  It seems to me that the one thing that has been with mankind since that first "accident" which caused us to rise out of that primordial ooze would be one of the first things to go according to darwinian evolution. 

Death is truly grievous, but as Christians we can never mourn the way an unbeliever does, because even though death is just as real and just as chaotic and just as unnatural (perhaps even moreso!), the one who is united to Christ mourns with the great hope that death is not the end, and that there will come a time when even death will be no more and we will see the death of death.

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