Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Take a Gander

I know it's been over a month since I promised new posts and pics. Life is busy as ever and not slowing down any time soon. Thanks for your patience. In return, I offer this inspiring and moving video. If you have teens, are close to teens, know teens and other young people I would encourage you to share this with them somehow.


Ben said...

Senor Holy Spirit is a good dancer. Or is that Jesus? I wasn't entirely certain since I am pretty sure that Jesus has long hair and a goatee.

Better watch out for black people too, seeing as how they pretty much only deal drugs and prostitute themselves. Good warning for all our young people to heed.

Greg said...

haha, yeah I was confused too. I'm not sure who he is supposed to be. I guess we could be safe and go with the HS, especially because of the long hair issue.

But i think the black people are responsible for greed and materialism in this video - you are selling them short limiting them only to drug dealing and prostitution.. what are you? A racist or something?