Friday, November 23, 2007

Holloween Monkeys

Abby dressed as a Monkey for Holloween this year. But we didn;t really go out trick or trating or anything, just to the neighbors house to say hi. Then we tucked ourselves into our house and didn;t answer the door all night because we forgot to buy candy. Unfortunately, we missed some very cool visitors... but Here is the bean.. the monkey bean.

I wonder what would happen if I plugged this into an outlet.....

Hey, there's one right over there!

Mommy distracted her with a mirror.. it works for real monkeys too. We put a bow in the monkey's hair so people we be certain she was a girl monkey.

Our neighbors have a little boy named Toby, he about 6 months older than Abby, and he too dressed as a monkey. We didn't even consult... just too cute.

doin what monkey's do....

peepin at the dog, it what she does...

Toby's mom with the pair of little monkeys.

yay! candy!

how stinkin cute.

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