Friday, January 25, 2008

Man, I Miss Baseball...

I knew right away how bad it had gotten when, while watching my daughter this morning, I came across the movie "Rookie of the Year" on the Telly...

It was a pretty fun movie back in 1993 when it came out (wow, I am old)... John Candy was still alive, and Gary Busy hadn't hit his public drunkenness stage of his career quite yet... but I watched part of it today, and I laughed... I laughed so hard I nearly cried at some of the silliest jokes... but then I realized that it wasn't really the jokes i was laughing at.. I just missed baseball.

And this, one week before the New York Giants play in the Super Bowl?!

Guess that makes quite clear where my sporting interests and allegiance lies.

You can keep your pigskin, I'll take the ball, bat and glove any day. I would never miss the NFL if it were to go away (and I've followed football since 1985, at 10 years old!). I suppose the Football season has always merely been a stop gap for me between one baseball season and the next, and The Super Bowl simply marks the fact that there is only 2 weeks left to pitchers and catchers...

Some of this obviously has to do with my beliefs and professional calling. Sunday is always very busy (not to mention Holy!), and football games are way down on (off?) the list of priorities for a Sunday afternoon. Not to mention that God is slowly conforming me to the image of His Son, who has much better things to do on the Lord's Day then park his wide load in front of the couch and scream at the TV.

All that being said, as I previously stated in another post, I am psyched for the Giants and I will follow what happens in the game and will celebrate if they win. But I will be waiting for a better day, a better field, a better game... that's just around the corner.
(And has games not on Sundays!)

PS - In case you forgot how great this kid is, and is going to be, here are a few highlights from David Wright's career 2007 season:

My pre-season Baseball post, which I did not do last year, is likely right around the corner as well. But if you don't care about the Mets, you won't care about that either...

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Joel said...

I could care less about the Mets, but I, too, am a big Giants fan who can't wait until baseball season starts.

These next few weeks/months are probably some of the most exciting since the last month of the baseball season....SuperBowl, spring training, March Madness.

Go Giants. Go Yankees.