Thursday, March 05, 2009

Chillin' With the Baby... literally

My little snow angel...

at least its not yellow, right?

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Alex said...

cute pics! greg, question for you to help clear up the reformed perspective of creation. joel and i were having a discussion earlier and i was wondering about the reformed views of creation. our conversation ended in some confusion and i'd like to continue it with him but first need some clarification. before the world was created, God was all that existed, correct? (triune? spirit/physical?) and He spoke creation into existence from nothing, correct? this is what gathered from Joel this morning. the nothingness from which the world was created... is that God? my understanding of the reformed belief is yes that is God, that God created the world from Himself and so all that exists is a part of God. separation from God occurred with the fall according to reformed beliefs, correct? obviously we could go much deeper here but i figured you could help explain the reformed perspective. thanks Greg! you can post here or email me stillcantdance at gmail dot com. look forward to hearing from you.