Thursday, March 12, 2009

Piper on Premarital Sex... great stuff.

I wish someone had this conversation with me when I was a young man...

I also wish I was plugged in enough, or trusting enough, or maybe just straight up cared enough about Jesus Christ for a talk like this to make a difference.

This is something I have been harping on a little, and it's because I'm not sure there is a more necessary topic to be discussed with our young people today than the dangers of sexual sin... And I am not talking about unwanted pregnancy or disease - both of which are serious realities... but they are nothing... NOTHING compared to the damage done to your life through sexual sin.

We preach all day about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse to our kids - but very few people talk about the lasting effects of sex outside of marriage. Let me say loud and clear that when I was outside of Christ I did a lot of sinful things. But none of them - NONE of them has affected my life as deeply or as far reaching as the sexual sins.

I rarely ever think about the partying I used to do. I have no noticeable negative effects from the things I used to put in my body. But my sexual sin haunts me DAILY, in almost every aspect of my life... it is the easiest and most readily available tool that Satan has to use against me and he is constantly putting it to work.

Learn from me, my brothers - learn from Mr. Piper... SAVE IT.

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Rebecca said...

Greg, I have really appreciated your candidness from the pulpit, especially when you address the young people of our congregation regarding matters of the heart. Keep it up, it's needed!