Monday, April 27, 2009

OH BOY...... I can hear it now.... THE END IS NEAR!

In Obama's defense... (wait, did I just type that?) I'm certain he had nothing personally to do with this person painting this picture. At least as far as we know he didn't... (cue conspiratorial theme music)

So before we get on the phone to Tim LaHaye about what comes next at the end of time and whether or not we've all been 'Left Behind', that the scripture says that the Anti-Christ (big A) will set himself up as God, and declare himself to be so (2 Thess 2:3-4). You can decide whether that is a literal declaration, or the implicit declaration we all make whenever we sin and set ourselves upon God's throne and against His authority, claiming ourselves to be God...

So, while personally disgusted and angry that this painting exists, and all of the implications for the one who painted it (can't bring myself to say 'the artist'), I will hold all the dispensationalists (and sensationalists) at bay from overreacting. At least for now... (cue dramatic suspense effect)

Thanks to Aron for bringing this to my attention, and worldnet daily for bringing it to everyone's.

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