Thursday, May 13, 2010

Most Popular Hits

Like most bloggers, I keep track of the hits that come in to the site. I use Sitemeter, which I like a lot. I like to see where people are coming to my blog from in the webiverse, and sitemeter has a great referral page.

If I am active in a particular week, I usually see between 30-50 unique hits, which, while always a nice surprise, is by no means a huge feat. I am humbled that anyone would be interest enough to read this blog, which is mostly a few comments on what someone else is talking about, if that, and/or fewer and fewer family updates.

So I was surprised when my sitemeter showed that this week I had 90 unique visitors to this blog.
I don't think it's the first time I've gotten that high, but the last time it was because I got a random link on an MSNBC blog (Clicked) because I posted a random you tube video. I think I got over 100 visits that time...

But anyway, I wanted to know where these hits came from. Here is the breakdown:

17 were "unknown." Which means they likely came from feed readers.
(Bloglines, google reader, etc)

48 (!) were for this post on a sermon I wrote on Proverbs 31. This is the page that consistently gets the most hits each week. Some weeks it is the only page that gets any hits. If you do a google search on "proverbs 31 sermon" that page is ranked like #3 or something. Pretty cool.

A little less inspiring, 13 of the 90 were for this post. Which is the post that gets the second most hits of all pages on this blog. It is the series of humorous promotional commercials that SNY released last year to promote the network. (Which I have re-embedded, since people looking for them were not getting to see them!)

The remaining 12 hits were from other friends blogs and from facebook, where I recently piggybacked this blog.

I have been encouraged to find that, since I posted it, so many people have seen the ending of the sermon on Proverbs 31. My encouragement is (knowing my own heart) probably at least a bit self-serving, but it's not often as a pastor that you say something potentially original about a text. I say 'potentially' because I haven't read or heard every sermon ever given on that text, nor every commentary, but as far as I know, that is an original approach to that text. And after 2000 years of preaching and commentary, things like that just don't happen very often. So I am thankful to God for the thought, and more thankful that others are seeing it and perhaps even using it in their own sermons on the text.

But those are the most popular pages so far. Strange and Cool.


Joel Pearce said...

Chalk me up as a Google reader. Good to see you posting more, appreciate your links and perspective, broseph.

Greg said...

Thanks bro. It's mutual!