Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Labor Day at the Central Park Zoo

We went out and met Mama T and Uncle Davy and went out to the Central park Zoo. It was a long day in the city, but a lot of fun.

This tree looks wild - it's gaping maw wants to eat me...

I don't even know what prompted this huge smile... but if I had to guess it was someone's dog in the park...

She wanted very badly to jump in the fountain.. I wouldn't let her.

The jungle rising out of the jungle.

There's people in them there woods...

These pics are taken from FAR away... cute baby monkey..

Sad and lonely monkey

What's wrong with this picture?

Shame is not a part of his game...

Abby introduced to a different kind of animal... the Furby

Bean and uncle Davy

She's smiling on the inside... :-)

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Joel said...

Greg - as always, "Bean" is so amazingly cute...'re not too bad either, with your freshly shorn hair. me gusta.